Right and Wrong Items Guide

The following Right and Wrong items are what we do and do not accept for your Strathfield Clean Up collection.

  • Please note: if you place any WRONG items out your clean up may not be collected.
  • Make sure to check out our Tips and Tricks and Frequently Asked Questions for more information.
  • We also recommend you check out alternative How to Reuse options.
  • You can cancel a Clean Up collection anytime up to 4 days before collection day.
  • Non-presented collections will be marked off as “ Not presented / Not out for collection” in the system and residents will have to book another collection, on the next available date.
collection size

We only collect 2 cubic metres

A standard Clean Up must be within 2 metres in size.
If you have more than 2 cubic metres for collection simply select the 'Double Clean Up' box on the form to increase your booking size to 4 cubic metres.
If you fail to book a 'Double Clean Up' when you have over 2 cubic metres you may be penalised.


The following right items are what we accept for collection. Any of these items placed out will be collected in your clean up.

Household Furniture image
Household Furniture

Couches, chairs, rugs, beds, cabinets, drawers, tables, desks, etc.

Household Goods/Loose Items image
Household Goods/Loose Items

Toys, prams, clothing, linen, crockery, boxes etc. Loose items must be in boxes or bags.

Vegetation Waste image
Vegetation Waste

Branches, plants, clippings, mulch etc. Up to 1 metre long and 15 cm in diameter. Loose items must be bundled and securely tied.

Metal Appliances/White Goods image
Metal Appliances/White Goods

Dryers, ovens, microwaves, toasters, etc.

Bed Mattress image
Bed Mattress

Please Note: There is a maximum of 2 mattresses allowed per clean up.


The following wrong items are what we do not accept for collection. Any of these items placed out will not be collected in your clean up and may result in a penalty.

Building & Demolition Waste
Building & Demolition Waste

Asbestos, fibro, bricks, tiles, concrete, rocks, soil, etc.

Food/General Waste
Food/General Waste

Food scraps, recyclables, compost, etc.

Heavy/Large Items
Heavy/Large Items

Tree stumps, roots, car parts, Hot Water Tanks, materials over 1.5m long, etc.

Hazardous Materials
Hazardous Materials

Sharp objects, dangerous chemicals, shattered glass, plate glass, mirrors etc.

Chemical Waste
Chemical Waste

Paints (including empty tins), oil, gas bottles, fire extinguishers, pesticides, herbicides, house/pool cleaners, batteries, etc.


Televisions, computers, heaters, lamps, fans, etc.