It's that Time of Year Again

Spring is here meaning it’s time to organise a Clean Up Collection! There’s nothing better than coming out of Winter hibernation with a clean, fresh look for your house! So, grab the gloves and garbage bags, it’s time for a cleanout.

Can’t find the motivation? Here are some reasons that might help you get started!


1. It’s great for your health

Cleaning is proven to have therapeutic effects on your health, whilst eliminating stress from your life. Having a clean house gives you an unbeatable sense of satisfaction that will have you in the best mood you’ve been in all year.


2. It helps increase your productivity
Having a clean house is having a clean mind. Being able to see where everything is will save you time when you’re leaving for work in the morning.


3. It’s exercise

Whether you believe us or not, cleaning counts as light exercise. Being on your feet and moving, lifting and bending helps to burn off those calories. Just remember, to stay hydrated and treat yourself to something healthy and wholesome afterwards.


4. It motivates you to organise other parts of your life

You know that feeling when you’re on a roll? Cleaning is just the beginning of your plans to organise some of that unfinished business in your life. Time to start organising those plans to see your friends!


5. It can be good for the environment, for helping others and for getting you some cash

While organising your Clean Up, you can check out goods that can be donated or sold. Reusing and recycling increases products lifetime and it's better for the environment! Also, before Clean Ups, take a look at Garage Sale Trail and The Bower, which are supported by Strathfield Council!  



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